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Welcome to Taiwan Farm


 交通部觀光局日前更舉辦2015年穆斯林餐廳授證, 透過中國回教協會提供的輔導課程與嚴謹的審核標準,對農場的穆斯林友善化環境建置進行審核。目前全台共計8家休閒農場獲得清真認證,其包含香格里拉休閒農場、臺一生態休閒農場、龍雲休閒農場、頭城休閒農場、卓也小屋農場、森十八休閒農場、千戶傳奇生態農場與菇菇茶米館。

 The world's Muslim population has increased each year, according to the survey, an estimated Muslim population of nearly two billion people’s, accounting for one quarter of the global population, being a potential tourism market and gain attention by all tourism authorizer. In order to develop a Muslim friendly environment, Tourism Bureau of Taiwan execute Muslim friendly environment development, participate international travel fair, conduct international media publicity and cooperate with foreign tourism units, estimate 180,000 Muslim’s travel to Taiwan in 2014, growth 12.5% compare to 2013.

 In 2015, Tourism Bureau of Taiwan host Muslim Restaurant Certificate recognition in line with Chinese Muslim Association, organizes counseling programs and rigorous audit standards in recognition process for Muslim restaurant environment development. Currently have total of 8 leisure farms get Muslim Friendly Restaurant Certification, including Shangrila Leisure Farm, TaiYi Ecological Leisure Farm, Long Yun Leisure Farm, Toucheng Leisure Farm, ZhuoYe Cottage Farm, Forest 18 Leisure Farm, Chienhu Chuanchi Ecological Farm, Tea and Rice Resort.

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