Li Chuan Aquafarm
No. 45, Yuchi, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County

Introduction of the Spot

Hometown of the Best Freshwater Clams in the World

Established in 1971, Li Chuan Aquafarm is located in between Central Mountain Range and Coastal Mountain Range. Scarcely populated, the area is pure, clean and natural. The Aquafarm is in a naturally formed open rift valley. The water vapor blows all year round from the Pacific Ocean in the east. Blocked by Central Mountain Range, the vapor condenses into rain and converges into a river from the mountain stream or penetrates into the ground and becomes underground water, flowing eastward back to the Pacific Ocean. The Aquafarm is regarded as a rare and natural five-star breeding site in the world. With the blessed natural fountain, the Aquafarm has developed and cultivated high quality and unpolluted freshwater clams and other aquatic products. The Aquafarm has been awarded the “Top Ten Outstanding Fisherman Award,” and has even built the world’s only factory producing ld clams, with a remarkable reputation internationally.

Since 1999, Li Chuan Aquafarm has expanded its business, gradually becoming a leisure aquafarm. In the specially built Clam Museum, besides professional guided tours, visitors can enjoy a hands-on experience with the fun of clam digging in the clam pond. In addition, there are clam shell DIY activities, the first clam restaurant for visitors to fully experience the fun and brilliance at the “hometown of freshwater clams.”