Wu Liu Leisure Farm

Introduction of the Spot

To fulfill his dream at the foot of Alishan, Tsai Fu-Yuan followed the example of Tao Yuanming.

Covering an area of 3000 pings, Wu Liu Leisure Farm is located in Lucuo, Chiayi, near Lantan Scenic Area, Renyitan Reservoir, and Chiayi Park. The Farm is bordered by Fanlu Township in the east. At the foot of the mountain and along the river, the Farm is an important passageway of Alishan. In the beginning, Farm owner Tsai Fu-Yuan decided to follow the example of Tao Yuanming because of a conversation he had with his friends. He spent nearly ten years establishing a modern farm, from purchasing a piece of land, making plans, and developing the farm to making application. Last year, it became the first leisure farm in Chiayi, and he has finally fulfilled his dream.

Tsai Fu-Yuan, age 56, worked in architectural design. Because of his occupation, he has always been interested in gardening, rocks, and wood. In his free time, he would always collect rocks, ancient wood, and old trees, hoping to build a farm and B&B with his collection and live a rural life. Later, he bought an approximately 1-ha. pineapple field in the suburbs. He designed the Farm all by himself, including the one-hundred-year-old trees, one-thousand-year-old Taiwan cypress, an ecological pond piled up with horse teeth rocks, and more. Upon entering the Farm, visitors can immediately feel the phytoncide and enjoy forest bathing.

As a backyard garden of Chiayi, the Farm attracts tourists with its torrent and ecological ponds.

Wu Liu Leisure Farm is also one of the first farms with the theme of phytoncide and abstracting wood essential oil to make handmade soap and other related products. The Farm hopes to perfectly integrate the natural landscape and ecological restoration. Established under an ecological engineering method, the Farm has been mostly renovated by Taiwan cypresses and other building materials. Following the natural circulation system, the Farm has developed a complete food chain.

The breathing ecological pond piled up with horse teeth rocks is gurgling with water. Inside, the pond restores Taiwan chubs, lake candidus daces, crabs, shrimps, and other river creatures, as well as frogs, treefrogs, dragonflies, butterflies, etc. The pond is a miniature representation of the torrent ecology in Taiwan.

The Farm emphasizes nature and rural living so that visitors are able to experience Tao Yuanming’s prospect at that time. In addition to five kinds of Taiwan coniferous trees, the Farm also grows indigenous cinnamon trees, AC fungi, common jasmine oranges, logans, litchi, wax apples, paper flowers, and other trees. Quite a few hundred-year-old trees are still blooming and yielding fruit. They are very precious.