Left Bank Blessed Farm

Introduction of the Spot

Insisting on natural farming, the farmer excels in growing avocados.

After Typhoon Morakot in 2009, the couple Yang Chin-Kun and Li Hsiang-Fen returned to Dane, Tainan to take over the avocado farm left by their mother. Using eco-friendly natural farming, the Farm not only keeps its natural environment in sod culture but also stocks chickens and geese for biological control. For 11 years, the Farm has expanded to 2.5 ha. and now grows more than 30 kinds of avocados. The Farm also grows cocoa, roselle, rambutans, and other plants. Although the Farm does not yield as much as those using conventional agriculture methods, because the fruits grown by the Farm are natural and healthy, it enjoys a group of customers that are quite faithful for their harvest. Now their daughter Yang, Tzu-Hsien also returns home to help with the Farm. The two generations work hard together in the hopes of growing the fruit of happiness.

Originally, the couple planned to return to Tainan after retiring. However, the avocado trees grown by Yang Chin-Kun’s mother were flooded by the typhoon in 2009, and the husband’s grandmother also passed away. Therefore, they decided to return to their hometown early to rearrange the orchard and at least recover it to its previous state. Since the orchard is located on the left bank of the Zenwen River and avocados are referred to as the “fruit of happiness” due to their nutritional value, the orchard was named “Left Bank Blessed Farm.” This also represents the lifestyle they have chosen.

The owner insists on growing avocados naturally even though he is considered foolish.

The area growing avocados in Danei, Tainan is about 160 ha., yielding more than 2000 tons every year, one-third of Taiwan’s entire production. The kinds of avocados commonly grown include Black Beauty, Red Circle, and Choquette. They are popular among consumers because of their excellent quality and good taste. Besides serving as ingredients for salads, juices, and various other dishes, the abundant oil in avocados can be used to make mosquito repellent. Able to not only keep pests away but also moisturize the skin, the product is quite unique.

Left Bank Blessed Farm grows more than 30 kinds of avocados. Currently, nine kinds of avocados stably yield a massive quantity for the Farm. Yang Chin-Kun said that previously, his mother did not grow a lot of avocados. The orchard was like her playground. She took meticulous care of the avocados, weeding and taking care of the fruit trees every day, insisting on growing avocados without pesticides. After the couple took over the orchard, they decided to remain the same way. Other farmers used to laugh at them for being “so foolish.”

The couple takes classes everywhere and has made friends with staff of the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute to learn all kinds of cultivation skills. One time, the orchard was ravaged by ants and insects. To avoid using pesticides, they started trying to raise chickens and geese. They sometimes feed them sweet corns for “dessert.” The chickens and geese have to “look for food on their own.” After years of breeding, the chickens and geese have really become excellent helpers in getting rid of pests. They also occasionally lay eggs to enrich the farmers’ meals.