Sanfu Leisure Farm

Introduction of the Spot

A Treasure House of Natural Ecology with the Fragrance of Pomelo Flowers

Built in 1989, San-fu Leisure Farm is right next to Xinliao Waterfall, the upper stream of Dongshan River and covers 14 hectares. The air is fresh, the water is pure, and the scenery is natural and pleasant. With the blessed large ecological buffer zone and primitive natural eco-system, the Farm features low altitude forests and biodiversity. Surrounded by large natural botanical gardens and forests, visitors can observe fairy pitta, fireflies, mycena chlorophos, and other rich ecological landscape as well large old pomelo trees growing willfully. From blossoming to fruit bearing, the trees show different appearances throughout the four seasons. The pomelo orchard bears a lot of fruit during the growing season and is full of delicate fragrance. The harvest flowers and fruit are used extensively. Besides being used as ingredients for drinks and meals, they are processed in the simplest and most natural way and transformed into food or practical cultural and creative products, such as pomelo jam, pomelo kaleidoscope, etc. In addition, the Farm provides activities for visitors to have in-depth experiences, including pomelo picking and charity sales, jam making, wood charm DIY, etc. Visitors can thoroughly enjoy the fresh experience of “ing to a pomelo farm.”

場域內環境 柚子季節採果,三富的有機柚子是在無毒的環境下自然生長 柚花餅&茶 場域提供多項手作DIY體驗活動