Qingshan Farm

Introduction of the Spot

A four-season garden in Daylily Mountain, Taimali

Every August to October is daylily blooming season. The mountain becomes covered with orange and yellow flowers and creates a very enchanting scene. Eastern Taiwan has three major daylily leisure agriculture areas, including Liushishi Mountain, Fuli and Chike Mountain, Yuli in Hualien, and Daylily Mountain, Taimali, Taitung.

Located on Daylily Mountain with an altitude of 800 meters, Qingshan Farm’s main wooden building was erected 53 years ago and started as a daylily drying processing factory. In its heyday, over a hundred workers ate and rested there. Now only photos of the industry’s past operation are hung on the walls. The agricultural machinery and implements used at that time have been placed in the corner room, serving as witness to the rise and fall of the industry.

The Daylily Festival held 22 years ago attracted tourists down the mountain. Since then, the first-generation owner of the Farm, Tsai Qing-Shan, has renovated the factory and transformed it into a leisure farm. Now taken over by the second-generation Tsai Cheng-Ming, the Farm grows Formosan michelias, Taian incense cedars, stout camphor trees, and other trees. More specially, walking along the trail of the Farm, visitors can see cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, Dutch amaryllises, lilies, apricot blossoms, and other flowers blooming each season. The Farm is like a four-season garden.

Daylilies are precious from top to bottom. Visitors can have fun picking bamboo shoots at the Farm.

Qingshan Farm was rebuilt from the original daylily drying factory. After being transformed into a leisure farm, it still preserved most of the original wooden building. The agricultural machinery and implements in the original machine room have also been preserved for tourists to have some basic understanding of the history of the daylily industry. The resting area for the workers at that time has been respectively turned into an accommodation area, dining area, and shop for products and specialties. Visitors who have traveled a long distance can stay here comfortably. Currently, the Farm has several observatories, trails, and pavilions throughout its property. The Farm also grows various protophytas and flowers. Tourists visiting the Farm in different seasons can enjoy a different scene here every time.

The Farm has also introduced the idea of Mama Tian Home Economics Courses to serve rural dishes. Most of the ingredients are derived from the daylilies, ginger, tea, and mountain vegetables grown in Daylily Mountain, which are then integrated with products from Taimali, such as roselles, pigeon peas, Jack fruits, sugar apples, etc. In addition to the variety of dishes, there is also a café serving light meals and beverages.

青山農場前身是金針加工廠,也是工寮,全盛時期有100多人在這裡工作。 青山農場建築內古意盎然,很多老設備都有50年以上歷史,可讓人追想山上人家的生活。
每年8、9月金針花開時,黃橙橙花海佈滿山頭,就像鋪了地毯一樣,相當美麗。 一年四季幾乎都有花可賞,是青山農場的特色,櫻花早年可是比武陵農場還紅。 台灣的孤挺花多半在清明節前後開花,春末夏初是賞花時節。
不只金針花,金針嫩莖處有碧玉筍稱號,農場近年也開放採摘體驗。 金針花配上菌菇、豬肉一起煮湯,滋味鮮美,在農場就能吃得到。 用農場生產的金針製作的燕麥米餅,是近年推出的手工點心。