Lan Sin Sightseeing Farm

Introduction of the Spot

Farming saved his life. Now Tai Hui-Jung would like to become the king of chilies.

Tourists to Kenting always pass by Fangliao, Pingtung, but most people may not know a spot “hotter” than bikini girls on Provincial Highway 1 northbound to Fangliao. That is, Lan Sin Sightseeing Farm. This paradise is for those who enjoy spicy food. They cannot only see but also taste the world’s top hottest chilies here.

Tai Hui-Jung, 67 years old, ran a motel when he was young. Short-staffed, he had to work frequent shifts. His health was affected and messed up his internal system. Twenty years ago, he decided to change his career and make a living by farming. He subsequently grew bird-nest ferns and okras. Although it is not easy to be a farmer, he can live a regular life, and his health improved. Falling in love with farming, he later decided to grow chilies. However, they were unmarketable. A bright idea suddenly occurred to him. He made hot chili sauce like brewing soy sauce. The product is very popular in the market. He still keeps trying to satisfy customers who enjoy spicy food, and now the Farm grows more than 15 kinds of chilies.

Fearless of hot chilies, Dai built a united nation of chilies.

“Death, Devil, Scorpion, Red Killer…” These names sound fierce, but don’t be scared; these are just names of chilies. Obsessed with spicy food, Tai Hui-Jung grows every kind of chili. As long as he hears of a chili somewhere, he will figure out how to grow it successfully. For example, Death, bought from the US, is now under mass production after he overcame soil and environmental problems. Whether it is made into hot chili sauce or powder, one smell of the small chili makes your scalp numb. With just a small bite, those not able to eat spicy food may just have palpitations and break into a cold sweat.

Besides growing many kinds of chilies, Tai Hui-Jung also makes excellent hot chili sauce. By chopping the fresh chilies, fermenting them with salt in a barrel, and stirring them in the sun for as many as 4 months, the hot chili sauce leaves a pleasant aftertaste and tastes really spicy. However, Tai Hui-Jung still does not feel satisfied, as he would like to be the king of the chili industry.