Greening Ranch

Introduction of the Spot

Welcome to the Farm of Happiness

“Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of cows.” It is surprising to hear ranch owner Yen Wei-Chieh say so. However, everywhere around the ranch, visitors will find good photo-shooting spots, delicious food, and interesting activities. Although the kinds and number of animals at the ranch are not as many as one might imagine, each animal is healthy and extremely happy. Yen Wei-Chieh said, “I love seeing people and animals being happy together here.” Maybe that’s why Greening Ranch has always been so popular.

Yen Wei-Chieh’s older brother, Yen Chih-Hui, got involved in raising cattle thirty years ago. Gradually expanding from 20 cattle to 200-300 cattle, he had to purchase the neighboring betel nut farm. After returning to their hometown to help his brother in 2003 during the rise of leisure farms, Yen Wei-Chieh became responsible for the transformation of the ranch. By cutting down the betel nut trees and growing trees, flowers, and plants and creating a vast grassland, Yan established a ranch of happiness where children could run and play at will.

An animal paradise

In addition to cows, the Ranch also raises ponies, goats, rabbits, geese, and other animals commonly seen on the average ranch. Yen Wei-Chieh said that the business philosophy of the Ranch is “to take from nature and follow nature.” Instead of raising exotic animals, the Ranch attracts visitors by providing a good environment for the animals. The Ranch is also equipped with various playground equipment, including lion, tiger, chameleon, and other such play structures. The overall effect is a playground that looks like a zoo. Furthermore, popular activities provided by the Ranch include a calf feeding contest and an exciting geese race. These activities are designed around the animals’ natural habit. Visitors are also welcome to bring their pets to explore the Ranch with them.

The Ranch offers quite a few excellent spots for photo-ops and checking in, such as the morning glory slide, the lock church, and the butterfly house made of pipes. Changing with light and shadow, the house presents a different appearance at different times of the day. When lit up in the evening, it looks even more romantic.