Good Farm

Introduction of the Spot

A ranch in the city managed by a stylish shepherd

Good Farm, located in Wulilin, Qiaotou, Kaohsiung, is not far from Qiaotou Railway Station, so it is regarded as a ranch in the city. The Farm is currently managed by the 30-year-old second-generation Yang Cheng-Hsun. Although he has the look of an inexperienced young man, he has actually been running the Farm for the past eight years and has excelled in everything from feeding and milking goats, delivering goods, and keeping the environment organized to developing processed goods. He is also in charge of field trips, the Facebook fanpage, setting up stalls at fairs, etc. He must be a superman to complete all these missions.

Shuiliuzhuang is the old name for Wulilin. The Yang Family settled down here many generations ago. Back then, the river would flood the land whenever there was a storm, so the residents built “houses with poles.” When the town flooded, residents in the neighborhood would work together to move houses and thus developed good teamwork and relationships. The first-generation owner thinks that spirit is very meaningful and so named the Farm after it. In the beginning, the Farm only raised a few mutton sheep. Later, it expanded and now mainly raises milk goats.

A group of people can walk farther together. Good Farm has become a place for young farmers to exchange information.

Although the Farm is not large, it provides every service possible. In addition to playing hide-and-seek with goats, feeding lambs milk, creating with mud, cooking with an earth oven, picking fruit, and having picnics, visitors can also feed fish in the pond, watch birds, catch dragonflies, feel close to nature, make goat milk steamed buns on their own, experience being a shepherd for a day, and enjoy a bottle of cold and fragrant goat milk.

In the afternoon, Yang Cheng-Hsun remains busy. The central grassland in the Farm has several dining tables. Some people are busy making floral decorations while chefs serve them dishes. Yang Cheng-Hsun said that these are friends he made after returning to his hometown, including young farmers, florists, and pâtissiers. Everyone did their best to hold a dinner under the stars. In the future, he would like to work with others to transform the Farm from a traditional goat Farm into a great place for families to have fun together and young people to hang out with each other.

水流莊牧場距離高雄橋頭火車站不遠,可說是城市中的牧場。 水流莊是當地的古地名,楊政勳的爸爸覺得很有意義,牧場也以此為名。