The One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm

Introduction of the Spot

Crocodiles enjoy abius. This is a paradise in the city.

Pingtung has the most pig farms . With 122 million pigs, Pingtung is ranked to have the second most pigs in Taiwan. What does this have to do with The One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm, located along of Donggang River in Chaozhou? The owner of the Farm, Yin Chi-Tung, also made his living by raising pigs. At that time, without advanced eco-friendly concepts and skills to emit waste from the pig farms, a lot of feedlot waste was just emitted and allowed to pollute the river. The clean river was no longer clean.

By chance, Yin Chi-Tung acquired precious crocodile eggs through the Agricultural Mission. Although the eggs hatched with difficulty, his ultimate success led him to take an interest in raising crocodiles. In the process, he found that every part of a crocodile can be used. Certain waste that is hard to disposed of, such as pig placentas and embryonic membranes, serves as good feed for crocodiles. Pollution problems are solved by the food chain. Winning the National Top 10 Outstanding Rural Youth Award, he went abroad to learn how to design a crocodile delivery room. Finally, he successfully bred crocodiles. At its prime, the Farm had more than a thousand crocodiles, including caiman, false gharials, Nile crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles and New Guinea crocodiles.

That’s how close we are to crocodiles.

On average, a crocodile can live for more than 70 years. The oldest crocodile on the Ranch is currently more than 40 years old. Yin Chi-Tung recalls his experience raising crocodiles. At first, he failed to breed crocodiles very often. Later, a lot of interesting things happened. For example, tail-less crocodiles were born during the 921 Earthquake. Because of his rich experience in raising crocodiles, he was hired by the Fire Bureau of Pingtung County Government as an instructor to teach the firefighters how to catch crocodiles.

To maintain biodiversity in the Farm, the owner also began raising goats, boars, rabbits, guinea pigs, bullfrogs, chickens, geese, turtles, snapping turtles, etc., mostly semi-open, so that children can closely interact with the animals. The Farm also features a crocodile area, crocodile eco-system display area, firefly restoration pond, leisure area, DIY area, and more.
Yin Tsung-Tao

Since starting to grow abius, Yin Chi-Tung and his wife are now busy on both sides and have little leisure time. The Farm is closed from Monday to Friday and opened regularly on the weekend. Their second son Yin Tsung-Tao and his wife have taken over the Farm just like their parents.

Having studied architecture, Yin Tsung-Tao has had a deep affection for the place he grew up since he was little and has started to bring in new ideas. For example, he filled the crocodile pond at the entrance of the Farm and turned it into a large green space. The open space looks more relaxing and has become a place for children to run and have fun while adults can enjoy a brief leisure moment. The previous professional and intellectual ecological experience has gradually been elevated into a paradise in the city.