Mu Ri Guang Pomelo Farm

Introduction of the Spot

The Farm develops diverse uses for pomelos. Tourists can experience the beauty of pomelos while enjoying themselves.

Driving along Provincial Highway 9 to Ruisui, Hualien, tourists are easily attracted to the elevated “Hegang Pomelo” decoration at the side of the road. The large Mu Ri Guang Pomelo Farm is actually a freight yard for one of the Ruisui Pomelo Production and Marketing Groups. It is used only one month a year during harvest season, so during the non-harvest season, leader Yang Ru-huang turns the freight yard into a pomelo farm, managed by his daughter, Yang Shu-Hui. Named after his father, the farm familiarizes people with the features of pomelos in each season of the year through guided tours around the fields and activities.

Climbing up the observatory in the pomelo orchard, tourists can clearly see Hegang Village under the Coastal Mountains. Fifty years ago, Hegang was famous around the world for its Hegang black tea. Later affected by the decline of exported goods, residents gave up tea trees and turned to pomelos. Pomelo orchards spread across the Coastal Mountains to the Central Mountains. In Ruisui, pomelo trees can be seen everywhere from the hills to the broad fluvial plains. Specifically every March, when pomelo trees are in full bloom, people can’t help but stop to enjoy the natural fragrance.

Hegang pomelos are more and more popular in markets.

The pomelo trees grown here are the same kind as those in Madou, Tainan. In between two montains, the insolation duration in Ruisui is shorter than that in Madou. The pomelos grow ripe two weeks later. Before Hegang pomelos became famous, the pomelos here would be sold in boxes as Madou pomelos. In recent years, Hegang pomelos have gained more and more attention, and traveling to Eastern Taiwan has also become much more common. Furthermore, as they're grown in the region, Hegang pomelos attract many tourists and serve as a specialty after tourists give them a try.

Many people think that jobs at a pomelo orchard only include fruit picking. Yang Shu-Hui mentioned that different farming jobs are required in all four seasons. Pomelo blossoms quite a lot. During the blossoming season, farmers needs to reduce the number of flowers, and before harvesting, they need to reduce the number of fruits as well. After picking the pomelos, farmers need to clip back the branches. The flowers and unripe pomelos serve as materials for DIY activities on the farm. Dried flowers can be made into bath salts, while seedless unripe fruit does not decay easily. The peels contain essential oils. Agricultural waste is turned into useful materials.