Yin Sherb Leisure Farm (Gaeavilla)

Introduction of the Spot

Surrounded by premium enjoyment, visitors and heal body and mind with herbs.

As early as 1987, Yin Sherb was established in Jian. Focusing on designated vacations, Yin Sherb not only provides accommodation and restaurant services but also large green areas and leisure and recreation space. Fifteen years later, Yin Sherb acquired the first leisure farm license in Taiwan, and transformed into a place where local middle and elementary schools could take pupils on field trips. After eight years of preparation, in 2019, it made a glamorous transformation into the Gaeavilla. With the spectacular and elegant building with green garden landscape, Gaeavilla takes extremely good care of its visitors and herbs.

Passing through the reception area, tourists can see the large atrium garden. All kinds of common herbs are planted on both sides of the trail: lavender, rosemary, mint, lemon balm, etc. Visitors can touch and smell the herbs. Yellow palms, banyans and bishop wood releasing phytoncides are planted along the ecological forest trail further inside to purify the air.

Walking through the herb maze barefoot, tourists can experience the most fragrant smells.

The herb maze has retained its early period design. The tea tree in the center is the treasure of the Farm at more than 30 years old. Before entering the maze, tourists take off their shoes and wash their feet at the entrance. When they step onto the stone plate barefoot, they can touch the herbs along both sides and take a deep breath. They not only inhale the purest air of Eastern Taiwan but the fragrance of all the herbs. It truly is a feast for the nose. It is said that when people walk round the maze just once, it adds a day to their wonderful lives.

Next to the waterfall at the accommodation area is the Zodiac Herb Garden which grows a variety of herbs. The guide introduces visitors to the different kinds of herbs, and they can choose the herbs they like and make a cup of fresh herbal tea in the tea-making room. Each room has a freshly picked seasonal herb and is infused with steam.

To prevent the herbs from being influenced by tourists, the farm has a herb area with organic certification outside the hotel. The herbs grown in this area are used for the steam bath in each room, and as ingredients in the restaurant and for the various activities on offer. The herbs grown in the hotel are also planted from the organic herb area as the farm would like tourists to enjoy herbs safely. The tea trees that were grown on the farm before the transformation were also transplanted to the production area, forming a tea tree trail up to 600 meters long. These trees serve as both high fences around the organic area as well as a beautiful landscape.