Arcadia Leisure Coffee Orchard

Introduction of the Spot

The manager reverses rural tourism. Ducks helps produce organic coffee.

Linnei, Yunlin, with a pleasant climate by the mountain and Zhuoshui River fertilizing the land, as well as the green tunnel and beautiful rural landscape, is a relaxing place. Passing by the nearly 100-year-old Wutu Power Plant toward the water source, visitors can see the Arcadia Leisure Coffee Orchard. As the name implies, the place located by the river is a place where people come to relax. The sign painted with coffee beans and small trees convey the features of the Orchard. As well as the enchanting landscape, the orchard is famous for its eco-friendly farming.

Owner-couple Tseng Chin-Chou, aged 59, and Li Li-Chun, aged 57, refer to themselves as a "silly couple." Originally, Zen was a director in the Household Registration Office while his wife was a business sales manager. Without an agriculture or husbandry background, they retired at the age of 50 and left Kaohsiung to return to their hometown, Yunlin, to grow coffee trees and prepare to open a café as they love drinking coffee. They have insisted on organic farming methods from the very beginning. It took them more than three years to open the store. In their first year, they acquired an organic certification. They mobilize farmers of the same mindset to follow them and connect with their produce, subverting rural tourism together.

Both a café and a rural restaurant, Arcadia covers everything.

Arcadia Leisure Coffee Orchard occupies only 3,000 square meters. Though small, it has everything, including chickens, ducks, geese, coffee, strawberries, mulberries and other crops. With three ideas in mind (organic, eco-friendly and a healthy life), the couple turned Arcadia into a rural restaurant as well as a café. There are experience activities involving almost all the crops grown here. Ducks are stationed at the coffee field to remove the weeds and eat the fallen fruits. Their feces, in turn, nourish the fruit trees. By creating place where nature is mutually beneficial, the products have earned the names "Duck coffee" and "coffee duck eggs."

The series of agricultural tours cross livestock products, produce and food. Li Li-Chun said that children love feeding the ducks to reward their efforts in the fields. It is fun picking duck eggs. After picking fruit, visitors make jam or fruit tea. Rural pizza is also a popular DIY activity. Tourists roll the dough and sprinkle organic ingredients that they picked themselves or are sold in the farm's store over the pizza base. The pizza's then baked in the oven and enjoyed on-site. With fun from farm to table, both adults and children take a lesson in food and farming education.

田園秘境位於林內烏塗發電廠附近,招牌意象畫有咖啡豆、小樹傳達特色。 老闆夫婦自稱「阿豆桑」、「廚娘」栽植阿勃勒黃金大道,兼顧咖啡半日照特性。
老闆曾錦洲花三年苦學咖啡技藝,一圓開店夢想。 闆娘把秘境變成大食堂,自產自銷端出無菜單料理。 咖啡樹與鴨子互利循環,產生誘人的咖啡鴨蛋。
田園秘境和友善耕作盟友合作共推無菜單料理。 披薩DIY很受顧客歡迎。 秘境招牌窯烤披薩DIY。