Quey Yuan Farm

Introduction of the Spot

Patroling the chicken coops 24/7, the owner returned home to take over the farm and rear chicken free-range.

Arriving at Changhua Quey Yuan Farm, tourists immediately feel the simplicity of the rural village here. With the green paddy fields around, the breeze gently stroking your cheek, the sounds of rice along with the flow of irrigation as well as the loud rooster crowing from time to time, the farm welcomes visitors with open arms. The farmhouse is decorated with a variety of chicken and eggs ornaments. Even the restrooms are egg-shaped. The eggs here are quite special. They are as colorful as gems.

The owner of the farm, Tsai Kuei-Hui, worked hard everywhere when he was young. After returning home to take over his father's chicken farm, he established a comfortable environment for chickens. All the chickens are free range and are never given antibiotics. He patrols the coops day and night. The farm has been transformed into a leisure farm, providing animal-shaped egg pancakes as a DIY experience for guests. The farm cottages have also been renovated. Hundreds of tourists visit the farm every day, experiencing the fun of farming and rearing chickens.

The colorful eggs are amazing. The farmer formulates feed without help from others.

Working hard in commerce, Tsai Kuei-Hui knows a lot about business. The healthy chickens he rears through his 10 million dollar investment have a 50%+ laying rate. Furthermore, he strictly controls the whole chicken rearing process without using growth hormones, antibiotics or other medication. For free-range chickens to grow up healthily, he grows herbs and other Chinese herbal medicine to help adjust the chickens' physical constitution. He also plays music to the chickens on a daily basis to keep them in a good mood.

Tsai Kuei-Hui is known locally as "Doctor Chicken" as he knows everything about how to raise chickens. He also established a sandpit specifically for his chickens as a comfortable spa and sunbath. After exercising and when they feel hungry, they enjoy eating the toxic-free feed formulated by Cai with enzymes and active charcoal. The eggs produced on his chicken farm taste fragrant, pleasantly chewy, delicious and are nutritious. The price is relatively higher than that of regular eggs. Many bio-technology companies take interest in the eggs and seek cooperation with the farm.