Mu Chu Succulent Farm

Introduction of the Spot

This treasure chest of flowers and fruit is full of surprises and amazement.

Walking about 350 meters from Huey Deng High School toward Wanglongpi Scenic Area and pass the Osmanthus alley, you will stumble upon Mu Chu Succulent Farm. Decorated as a landscape garden, the Farm grows more than 300 kinds of succulent plants. “I have been passionate about flowers and plants since I was little. I would decorate my own garden with broken tiles and deserted bottles.” Huang, Li-Hua bought a thousand pings of land in her hometown of Zhengshan Village to grow succulent plants. It has taken her ten years to formally open the Farm, but she finally did so in 2019, from a few pots then to the abundant clusters of flowers now.

In Yilan, the temperature difference between night and day is huge, creating lots of dew. As a result, the succulent plants grow particularly well here. The Farm also grows ramtillas, jabuticabas, indigenous Taiwan Fagaceae sprouts, elk horn ferns, vegetables and fruits, sprouts, air plants, etc. Here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, participate in activities, and, as the name of the Farm suggests, be “healed” by the Farm’s flowers and fruits.

These plants for dummies are suitable for amateurs. Ramtillas tea is made of ramtillas grown by the owner.

Because succulents have few pests, require little soil, do not take up too much space, and do not require a lot of water, they are often referred to as “plants for dummies.” As such, they are suitable for amateur plant growers.
In addition to growing and cultivating succulents, the Farm also provides “succulent set DIY.” The owner teaches tourists how to buy and assemble a set. Moreover, the Farm grows quite a few endemic trees and seeds, including circassian beans, Sappan Caesalpinias, mori oaks, daimyo oaks, amber Eucalyptuses, etc. The owner has particularly developed “seed ornament DIY” and “seasonal wreath” making activities. The owner also grows pesticide free ramtillas and makes flower tea out of them.

The owner skillfully decorates shoes for 3-year-old children. The small potted plants are spiritually healing.

The owner Huang, Li-Hua gracefully cuts off the succulents, and many sprout grow after a while. The Farm also has many colorful “explosive” succulents placed moderately around her. After quietly working for ten years, she has won praise from tourists, “These are so beautiful! How cute they are! Goodness!” This is the daily routine of Mu Chu Succulent Farm. Such exclamations from visitors can be heard everywhere.

“These are my son’s shoes when he was 3. I have preserved them for 20 years. One day, I thought of them and created a design. With Echeveria cv. Mebina, kalanchoe tomentosa, Sedum rubrotinctum, Echeveria prolifica, and other succulents, the shoes look completely different.”

Looking down and smiling, Huang, Li-Hua gently touches the grayish shoes They are not just shoes placed in the cabinet, but a sweet memory of the connection between mother and son. Many people were attracted by the shoe potted plant, “How cute it is! I would like to buy it!” Sorry, but it is not for sale.

Huang, Li-Hua encourages tourists to redecorate their home with meaningful objects that have been put on the shelf of life and recollect their sweet moments. “The flowers and plants cannot heal diseases but can heal invisible frustrations and depression.”

This place is liked a large treasure chest. Each object is a piece of treasure dexterously crafted by the owner. Recycled bottles become beautiful houses for the succulents after being hot pressed. In addition to aluminum weaving, pottery, and all kinds of fantastic seeds and flowers, the life of the succulents becomes more valuable. Many tourists have told her that they felt much better when they arrived at the Farm. “This is the happiest moment for me.”