KEDA Yilan Goat Farm

Introduction of the Spot

Superman Daddy delivers goat milk at 3:00 am every day.

“At 3:00 am, my wife first gets up to bottle the goat milk. At 3:30, I deliver it from house to house. Afterward, I return to the Farm to milk the goats and then clean up and feed them. At night, I repeat all the work again and go to bed at 11:00 pm. Next day, I start work at 3:30 am again.” Yen, Kuo-Shun worked this hard for 17 years, more than 6000 days in a row. For others, he is only a shepherd, but for his children, he is a superman daddy.

Over the last 10 years, the Farm has become a leisure farm. The couple has since been able to rest a bit. Even so, visitors rarely see Yen, Kuo-Shun while on the Farm because he spends most of his time milking goats, cleaning, working, or taking care of abandoned chickens, ducks, rabbits, and geese, as well as glamorous golden pheasants. Half of the animals at the Farm are goats, while the others are abandoned animals. Many parents bring their children here to feed these animals. “Life education” becomes an important part of any visit.

The Farm feeds its goats milk and grass and gives special feed to its chickens, ducks, and rabbits.

Keda Goat Farm keeps sheep, goats, and all kinds of animals. Tourists can enjoy freshly-produced goat’s milk here, as well as feed the goats grass and milk, milk the goats, and listen to stories about goats. The owner provides a variety of nutritional and healthy goat milk products, including goat milk steamed buns, popsicles, panna cotta, waffles, coffee, milk tea, etc. Furthermore, since the Farm keeps a lot of abandoned animals, children can feed the rabbits carrots, as well as feed the ducks, chicken, and pigeons.

Daddy Goat tells stories highlighting “life education.”

The goat’s milk that the locals in Yilan drink is different from what the people in the city drink. They drink goat’s milk produced and sold by local farms in the morning and directly delivered after being sterilized and bottled early in the morning by the owner. Most importantly, it tastes good and is nutritional without a gamey smell.

Ten years ago, Keda Farm was transformed into a leisure farm. The number of goats was reduced from 1000 to 300. The owner couple no longer needs to get up early to deliver milk. The freshly produced milk is only for the Farm’s own products, including goat milk steamed buns, goat milk tablets, goat milk panna cotta, etc. Among them, goat milk steamed buns, made of fresh goat’s milk every day, are the most popular. Goat milk egg rolls are also among the bestsellers.

“A goat’s IQ is about that of a 4-year-old. Once, I kept a goat named “Pioneer,” who was like a 6-year-old.” Yen, Kuo-Shun becomes energetic when he talks about goats. “Pioneer had a regular size and milk production, but she was the smartest. When grazing in a specific location, she would turn back to look at me. After I give her gestures and orders, she would lead the flock to graze toward the designated direction. I would then rest under the tree. After waking up, I would call her name. Then she would obediently bring the flock back.”

Laughing as he recalls all the details about goats and sheep, Yen, Kuo-Shun remains very rational, “Goats are economic animals. It is hard to do the job if the owner is too sensitive.” However, when it comes to other abandoned animals, he is quite emotional.

“First, one of the Farm’s guests asked me to keep three cute guinea pigs because his daughter was going abroad, and nobody could take care of them.” Later, some guests asked him to keep rabbits, then chickens, ducks, geese, and even lizards and golden pheasants. Recently, he has kept two white geese.

His daughter Yan Jia-yu is familiar with each “abandoned baby.” “Many animals are abandoned by their owners because they are not cute anymore or because there is not enough space. Father says, ‘Let’s keep them all.’” Besides goats, Keda Goat Farm has many cute animals. As a result, this place has accidentally become a leisure farm suitable for life education.