Farmily Farm

Introduction of the Spot

Visitors can easily pick strawberries from the elevated cultivation and safely watch planes flying and landing from the observatory.
“We people in the countryside…” When Farmily Farm owner Kuo, Cheng-Yung begins a sentence like this, tourists feel a bit surprised. However, Baishihu Community is undoubtedly one of the few places retaining its rural look among the suburbs of Taipei. Working diligently, the farmers here mainly grow vegetables and strawberries. By taking the MRT to Neihu Station and transferring to Small 2 Bus, visitors can reach “the countryside” in just 15 minutes, instead of traveling all the way to Southern Taiwan. Here, tourists can easily have fun picking fruit.
The hiking trails around Baishihu Community are well-constructed. Bishanyan, a temple with lots of worshippers, and Baishihu Suspension Bridge are also located here. Visitors can enjoy the night view here. Farmily Farm is located in the rear part of about 20 farms and thus has fewer tourists. Yet because of this, it avoids the noise of the crowds and is more peaceful. One famous news anchor has taken family to pick strawberries and sip coffee here many times because of the tranquility here.

With natural farming, the strawberries and honey sweet potatoes are must-eats.
Farmily Farm grows strawberries through natural farming without pesticides. Visitors can pick strawberries without worries. Strawberry season is from the end of November to the following May. The Farm opens for strawberry picking at 11:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. In summer, the Farm grows tomatoes and melons. Tourist groups can reserve guided tours and such DIY activities as handmade kiln-baked pizza, homemade jam, potted plant teaching, etc.
The Farm’s service center is plain, opting for healthy and simple rural dishes over fancy decorations. The strawberry milk and strawberry ice cream are particularly popular among children. Made of maltose, crystal sugar, strawberry jam, and TN66 sweet potato honey, Strawberry Honey Sweet Potato is solid and deliciously chewy with a mild fragrance of strawberries. It is among the Farm’s most popular products.

Romantic white strawberries are hidden in the Farm. The reason for hanging fluorescent vests high above is interesting.
The Farm mainly grows perfumed strawberries. Like rubies the fruit glitters in the sun. Every December, boys would take girls in search of the sweet taste of happiness. “If you look carefully, you can find white strawberries with the mild fragrance of peaches.” The Farm grows strawberries on three-tier elevated platforms. The aisles are broad, clean and dry so when people visit their shoes don't get dirty.
Kuo, Cheng-Yung said that the advantages of elevated cultivation include the reduction of bacteria and pests, easy management, more planting space, and less workload. It is also convenient for tourists to pick strawberries. Children pick strawberries from the lower rack while adults pick from the upper rack. Both of them can pick strawberries without bending over, making the experience very comfortable for those with weak knees.
The ceiling of the greenhouse is in a V shape and is higher than the dome of an ordinary greenhouse. The owner jokes that they listened to the expert’s suggestion to spend a fortune to build a high rack. When it was built, they were upset to find out that it was unnecessary. However, they decided it was alright anyway because then visitors can pick strawberries more comfortably and can thus have a better experience.
When visitors look up, they will see safety fluorescent belts or vests with the mark of the Department of Environmental Protection blowing in the wind in each rack. Farm owner Kuo, Cheng-Yung laughs and asks the tourists what they think these are for. The answers vary. “In fact, they are hung to scare birds away.” Sometimes birds would fly in through small holes but forget how to fly out. When they see vests moving from far away, they become too scared to fly into the greenhouse and ruin the crops.
The greatest attraction here is the large observatory and wooden plank road at the gate. The owner’s wife laughs, saying that the observatory and wooden plank road were just completed in 2018. The ownership of the land is very complicated, and they had to go from household to household to get authorization from 11 families. Built by the Public Works Department, the separation of pedestrians and vehicles greatly benefits visitors. In addition to picking strawberries here, they can safely enjoy the scenery from the observatory, including Taipei 101, the flying and landing of planes, and the night view.