Chienhu Chuanchi Ecological Farm
No.154-3, Youmu, Youm Vil., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City

Introduction of the Spot

Kingdom of Danube Sturgeons Half Way up the Mountain

Chienhu Cheanchi Ecological Fish Farm, located upstream of Dabao River, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, and it is adjacent to the Manyueyuan Forest Recreation Area. Nearby mountains and rivers, the Farm was established over 30 years a and is quite famous for the breeding of many valuable and rare fishes in the clear and cool mountain spring, such as Danube sturgeons, American paddlefish, trout, high mountain bass, and native paradise fish, etc. You’ll see huge Danube surgeons carefully cultivated by the owner of Farm Lin Dian as well as enjoy a variety of delicious fish dishes cooked by the hostess, Ye Fu-hua with her superb cooking skills and local ingredients. Half way up the mountain and only 30 minutes away from the city by car, you can fully experience the wonderful feeling of “touring in the kingdom of Danube sturgeons.” In addition, the new “rural kitchen” activity combines the spirit of “watching, catching, cooking, and eating fish.” Through these innovative activities, tourists can immerse themselves in the process “from fish pond to table,” understand the life and culture of fishermen, and learn about the culinary aesthetics and cooking skills rich with local characteristics.