Music Rice Creative Production and Marketing Corpo

Introduction of the Spot

Selling their hometown of Fanguatian, the farmer couple created an old village through music.

"Did you return home after graduating?" Among the tens of students in class, only Huang Hsuan-Yi raised her hand. After graduating from the institute, she returned to Jiaxi to renovate the old settlement as well as teach music, cook, and provide mini guided tours. Her grandmother said that everyone loves beautiful places, but who's going to make the place beautiful? So when she returned home to operate community creations with music as the theme, her 93-year-old grandmother was her first supporter.

The elderly neighbors were happy that young people wanted the market the beauty of their hometown with creativity. "Play as you like. When my vegetables hear your songs, they grow even more." Elderly neighbors often send their "music-listening vegetables" to the couple, Zi-wei and Hsuan-Yi. The art station has been operating successfully for many years and visitors frequently ask them how they make it. "Simply speaking, we just keep the place clean with its original look."

Many of the original, old tiles were left when they renovated the old house. Hsuan-Yi asked if they could make a tile collage on the external wall. Her uncle asked, "Why?" She laughed and said, "Because they're beautiful." Hearing this, he started to see what she meant. The collage is now a highlight of the "mini tours" they offer on-site. The large oven, mosaic bathtube and 60-year-old crib are all preserved and cared for.

Mini tours introduce the rural village to tourists. Tourists buy local produce in the market to make traditional dishes.

Art Station, located in Fanguatian, is a place with 200 years of history. Huang Hsuan-Yi made more than 10 cards to illustrate aspects of the village. She reinforces tourists' memories and information they learn through scavenger hunts. There is also the dibbling of rice seedling and harvesting and seasonal DIY activities, including making fermented bean curd in the summer, pickled cucumbers in the fall, radish cake in the winter, and dishes with bacon, kumquat jam, pickles, and more. The "Mini Trip to the Market" is a guided tour of the local culture led by her husband, Fang Tzu-Wei. Tourists buy ingredients to make traditional dishes such as bean curd rolls and tied pickles. They also make triangular rice balls with white rice and black glutinous rice that they grow themselves.

方子維、黃萱儀是遊客眼中的「神鵰俠侶」,一唱一和,畫面好美。 常有來自全台的年輕人到此參訪,想了解如何為地方創生。
「音樂米.因為你」夫妻倆用友善農法栽種的黑糯米。 「一串心」是以豆腐殼包鴨賞、豬頭皮、香菜,用牙籤串起來就是宜蘭傳統小吃 用自栽的白米和紫米包裹滷肉,再捏成三角形,加上一片海苔,就是日式風御飯糰。
方子維的父母在宜蘭菜市場賣衣服,他知道最有生命力的地方就在這裡。 聽完萱儀精彩的農村小旅行後,一定會在藝站前開心合影。