Geoheat Rice B&B

Introduction of the Spot

Experiencing rice milling and puffed rice, tourists learn how to cherish rice.

Geoheat Rice B&B is a cake-shaped building with layer upon layer of storeys upwards. The yellow color of the building signifies the golden color of rice, while the orange represents the hometown of tangerines. The view from the top floor is magnificent, with an endless rural landscape over the mountains and sea. Tourists can also see Guishan Island in the distance. The landscape looks even clearer at sunset in the summer. There is a teaching space beside the B&B to introduce visitors to the lifecycle of rice, from growing rice through to harvesting and milling, to making puffed rice and sushi, which they can do as a fun activity on-site. Activities are for groups of over 20 people and people really enjoy them.

Geoheat Rice B&B is located at the Sanxin Township Tiansongpi Agri Leisure Area. With pure water and fertile soil, it is a great place to grow crops. As well as the famous Sanxing green onion, more than 95% of cat-tail willows in Taiwan are produced here. There is also diverse produce such as Shang Jiang pears, tangerines, plantains, and rice. The family of the owner, Liao Hsueh-Yi, has grown and produced rice for a hundred years. In recent years, with the increase of non-staple food, people are eating less rice, but he hopes people still understand the hard work it takes to grow rice and appreciate it more.

Tourists can sample the rice they mill on-site. Geoheat rice tastes fragrant and is pleasantly chewy. Visitors can make their own sushi.

By irrigating the paddy field with geoheat water, the farmer produces clean and unpolluted "geoheat rice." The rice tastes fragrant and is pleasantly chewy. For a hundred years, the Liao family has had a close relationship with rice. They've also developed all kinds of group activities for visitors to experience. They even imported a half-a-person tall rice milling machine from Japan so tourists can learn about the complicated process of making brown rice after being hulled to white rice after the brans are removed.

The owner also prepares sushi rice and ingredients for tourists to make their own sushi. The most popular activity is definitely the puffed rice activity. After the machine warms up for 3-5 minutes, tourists put rice into the rice puffing machine and heat it up to generate a high pressure. When the valve is opened the rice instantly expands and turns into fragrant puffed rice which they can then pour maltose into and mold to shape. It's a fun way to enjoy rice.