Sheng Yang Farm

Introduction of the Spot

As a breathtaking water weed farm, this is the first farm in Taiwan that collects 400 kinds of water weed.

Yuanshan has plenty of natural water sources, including lakes and clean natural gushing springs of various sizes. It has the reputation as being the "home of water." The up to 5 Ha. large Sheng Yang Farm is located at the ushing spring area. 120 out of the 400 kinds of water weed grown by the farm are rare in Taiwan. It is definitely a sacred place for water weed fans. To the back of the water restaurant is the only pheasant-tailed Jacana habitat in Northern Taiwan. The reflections of the changing clouds correspond with the golden sunset to create one of the most beautiful views visitors have experienced.

As well an aquaculture area, fishing area, and migratory bird area, the farm also contains a sprayground, bamboo raft area, and clam catching area. There is also a museum and a restaurant in the water. Made of architectural concrete and large French windows, the colors and structures of the buildings blend with the scenery beautifully, fitting in perfectly with the tranquil and elegant mountain and pond in the background. The top floor of the restaurant has solar panels to absorb the sunlight. The farm also features a lobster aquaculture pond. With water circulating continuously, the area downstairs is cooler. Through these eco-friendly and energy-saving methods, tourists can see how the owner of the farm protects and maintains the environment.

The glass terrarium DIY experience is the most popular activity. Children love having a water fight at the pump area.

"Informative extended products can last a long time." The owner of the farm, Xu Zhi-xiong, has created a glass terrarium DIY activity where tourists first add clean water and fine sand to a bottle, place water weed and shrimps inside, and pour in digestive bacteria. They then put a lid on to complete their DIY interdependent eco-system. Without feed, as long as the bottle is exposed to the sun, the shrimp can live for 3 to 6 months. This is the most popular activity on-site. The water weed night light and automatic sprinkling potted plants developed using the same concept are not only practical but really interesting.

Both the water weed and migratory bird ecology is worth visiting. The pump sprayground is a paradise for children in the summer. The fish pedicures and bamboo rafting satisfy all who visit. From June to October, tourists can catch clams and have wash their clothes in the natural river at the farm. The river is crystal clear and has a rich eco-system. It really is a rare experience.