Cao Jia Hua Tian Xiang
No. 33-7, Zhuzihu Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City

Introduction of the Spot

Flower Farming Family with Ancient Roots

The Cao’s Flower Field is located at Bamboo Lake, Yangmingshan. Since the Qing Dynasty, about two-thirds of the up to one thousand-ping terrace has been cultivated by the Cao’s Family for 200 years. After it was transformed into a tourism flower field, only part of the land remains for farming. Most of the area is used for growing all kinds of flowers, including bigleaf hydrangea, balsams, cherry blossoms, cosmos, etc. In every flowering season, the grand and glamorous sea of flowers attracts tourists to linger in awe.
Here, besides picking flowers unique to different seasons, you can try your hand at various flower artworks. For example, small potted combination plants, DIY bouquets, dried flower design, and limited-edition homemade flower cookies, etc. In addition, the owner of the Farm displays many historical artifacts in the Material Room beside the flower field, including cashboxes, bowls and dishes, phonographs, etc. With artificial straw and traditional concrete flooring, the room exudes the look of an ancient farmhouse. Visitors can appreciate the flowers as well as feel the nostalgia of the past.