Mei-jia Tea Garden
No. 19, Ln. 38, Sec. 3, Zhinan Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City

Introduction of the Spot

Ten-Generation Tea-Making Family in Maokong

Mei-Jia Tea Garden, located in the mountain region of Muzha, is a local tea farming family that has passed down the tradition from generation to generation. As early as 1895, the ancestors of the Zhangs brought tea seedlings from Anxi, Fujian to Taiwan for planting and cultivating. The family business has been passed down for ten generations. In 1987, in response to the promotion and rising popularity of tea garden tourism in Muzha, the eighth-generation successor Zhang Mei-jia decided to extend the business from “tea growing.” Therefore, a teahouse on the hillside overlooking the landscape of Taipei Basin and rich with a rural and primitive atmosphere was established. Besides serving tea grown and roasted by the Tea Garden, the teahouse also tries to develop tea dishes as well as specially made tea oil, tea sugar and other products. Mobilizing new tea culture, the teahouse attracts urmets one after another with its aroma. In 1990, the ninth-generation successor, Zhang Rong-guang named the tea garden after his father, thus formally establishing “Mei-Jia Tea Garden.” It also became the first famous restaurant in Maokong “serving dishes with tea as an ingredient.” In recent years, after the youngest, tenth-generation “young farmer” returned home to join the family business, the Tea Garden also provides tea experience activities. Besides brewing and drinking tea, visitors can also experience the whole process of tea making from tea picking, tossing, panning to rolling, roasting, and packaging. They will gain a deep appreciation for the artistry of the tea industry.