Lao-Niu Leisure Farm
No. 381-1, Sec. 3, Yanghu Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City

Introduction of the Spot

Mesona Aroma Playground Hidden in the City

Lao Niu Leisure Farm, located in central Taoyuan, was originally a horticultural landscape design company, equipped with resources and expertise in garden maintenance, horticultural materials, seedlings, potted plants, garden trees, famous artists’ sculpture exhibitions, etc. Later on, the Leisure Farm turned to tourism and the Farm became a leisure agricultural field providing agricultural tourism and agricultural experiences.
On entering the Farm, you’ll see precious and rare pine trees, cypress, sweet Osmanthus, jabuticaba and other beautifully cultivated plants exquisitely grown by the owner, Zhong Ming-chun. Look around, and you will see a large area of green turf, antique bamboo houses, a wooden bridge with a gurgling stream underneath, and huge rgeous colored carps swimming freely in one of the ponds. The “Fragrance Area” is one of the major highlights with more than 20 kinds of herbs are planted, including refreshing lemon balm and lavender, which are helpful for pressure relief and sleep and the most unique mesona No.2 “Xiang Hua.” It not only presents different colors and aromas in different seasons, but is also the best ingredient for tourists to make their own drinks and pizza. Just visit the Farm, and you can enjoy a romantic time full of natural fragrance from the flowers and grass in the secret garden hidden within the city.