Mile High Leisure Farm
Vegetable Fruit
No. 6, Neighborhood 9, Qiangmayuan, Lilin Vil., Dahu Township, Miaoli County

Introduction of the Spot

Jiang Ma Vegetable and Fruit Farm with Even Clouds Dwell Here

Mile High Leisure Farm, located at the Jiang Ma Yuan Leisure Agriculture Area at the junction between Dahu and Sanyi in Miaoli County, is surrounded by mountains. In 1983, the owner Tu Zao-rong and his wife Peng Li-zhen returned to their hometown from the city and took over the family agricultural business from their elderly parents. Afterwards, they established Yundongshan Tourism Orchard for visitors to experience DIY fruit picking and in 1996, the orchard was turned into a “leisure farm.” Two years later, it was renamed “Yundong Xianju” after accommodation services were added. In 2012, with the success of the “Mama Tian” rural village assistance project, the second-generation of the family also joined the farm business and started providing featured dishes under the theme “Jiang Ma.” Accordingly, the Farm integrates Hakka Jiang Ma cuisine, fruit picking experience, leisure B&B, forest camping and other diverse services. The poetic name of the Farm is derived from the feeling of sharing that “clouds also live here.”
When visitors come here, besides enjoying the wonderful natural environment, they can pick bamboo shoots and strawberries and try other farming experiences under the guidance of the owner. Also, interesting DIY activities are available such as baking ginger cookies, making pickled plums, etc., and visitors can feast on the delicious themed cuisine ginger chicken, deep fried ginger shrimps, ginger chicken in wine soup, etc. Finally, take home specialties such as honeyed ginger, ginger pastry, turmeric tea, etc., and enjoy a trip to the mountain farm “full of ginger flavor.”