Zhuo Ye Cottage
No. 1-9, Bongshanxia, Shuangtan Vil., Sanyi Township, Miaoli County

Introduction of the Spot

Mountain Cottage Blossoming with Indi Dyeing

Zue Ye Cottage is located in Sanyi, Miaoli County, and is filled with a dense rural village farming ambience. At the beginning of its establishment, it specialized in “plants.” The owner ran a vegan restaurant and B&B in the mountains and woods, with an elegant environment that is close to nature. He eagerly looked for cultural and creative industries to take root, be processed, and be experienced, and even directly carry out featured production on the Farm. In 2004, the owner couple Zhu Ming-bang and Zhen Shu-mei decided to introduce “indi dyeing” and built a natural dyeing studio. From planting dyer’s woe and other blue grass, making indi dyes, cultivating dye vats, to producing indi dyeing crafts, etc., the whole process is included in the development.
After years of efforts, now Zue Ye Cottage not only markets their own products and produces all kinds of indi dye products of superb quality, but has also raised the reputation of indi dyeing in Taiwan. In 2014, the brand “Zue Ye Indi Dyeing” was founded, combining a model of success with the combination of “agriculture” and “craftsmanship.” The Farm is a pioneering and groundbreaking featured field in terms of leisure tourism space in Taiwan. Here, besides the pure and simple mountain life of the Farm, visitors will be able to deeply experience the beauty of traditional craftsmanship in Taiwan through “indi dyeing.”