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No. 58-11, Songhe 3rd Ln., Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City

Introduction of the Spot

Forest Yard with Fragrant Sweet Osmanthus and Trees in High Spirits

Villa Kurasu, adjacent to the Guguan Recreation Area, is located on a plateau 800 meters in altitude. The more than 6000-ping area was originally the “home” of couple Jiang Yong-kun and Chen Su-mei, who left behind a shoe business in China and were prepared to live out their retirement life back in their hometown. Initially, they only bought 300 pings to build a house as their own residence. Out of serendipity, they also bought the terraces on sale nearby. From then on, they positioned themselves as the chairman and the chairman’s wife and rolled up their sleeves to work on the farm. They not only grow vegetables and fruits, but also trees such as Sweet Osmanthus, Taiwan pines, tea trees, native Taiwan camphor trees and other trees that all grow in high spirits, making Villa Kurasu a place with unique elegance and landscape.
After decades of management by the whole family, now Villa Kurasu is not only a quiet rural B&B, but also a leisure farm for visitors to get close to nature and experience farming. On the Farm, the owner will lead visitors to appreciate the vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees and enjoy a cup of sweet Osmanthus syrup tea and feast on the sweet and refreshing vegetables amidst the breeze, white clouds, mountain mist and dew while experiencing the extraordinary features of the “forest yard” and the exquisite cuisine.