Erhu Pineapple Hall

Introduction of the Spot

Pineapple Farm at the Highest Altitude in the World

Erhu Pineapple Farm is located at Erhu, Yilan, an area surrounded by mountains on three sides, and adjacent to a plain on the other side. It is a simple rural village named “lake (hu)” but in fact there is no lake around. As the lake water ran dry, the landform has been washed out by the ravine, and the gravel soil is suitable for cultivating pineapples. It is the only place in Northern Taiwan able to grow pineapples, and it is also a pineapple production area at the highest altitude in the world. The pineapples grown here are “small and extremely sweet.” The Farm is open for pineapple picking in the mid-sixth to the late-ninth lunar month every year during the harvest season. The owner will also provide a personally guided tour of the pineapple fields so that visitors can see how the pineapples grow.
In addition, in the specially built Pineapple Museum, you can see the exhibition of information on pineapples and join DIY activities such as making pineapple pancakes, fermented bean curd with pineapples, pineapple jam, etc. The Museum also sells pineapple-related products, including pineapple enzyme, pineapple cake, pineapple vinegar, etc. Make reservation in advance, and you can enjoy a table full of “grandma style,” “pineapple-flavored dishes.” From seeing pineapples, touching pineapples, to cooking and eating pineapples, you can thoroughly enjoy your visit to Erhu!

二湖為緯度最高的鳳梨產業區 採鳳梨體驗 場域內販售著鳳梨相關農特產品,有鳳梨醬、鳳梨酵素、鳳梨豆腐乳、鳳梨冰棒等等