Takegreen Farm
No. 350, Sec. 1, Shanggui Rd., Shangwu Vil., Sanxing Township, Yilan County

Introduction of the Spot

Virous Organic Farm with Three Hundred Plants

Lu Tian Farm, located beside Lanyang River, was originally barren land. The owner of the Farm, Xie Rong-fu retired from public employment early to fulfill his dream. After coming here, under the principles of “Sustainable Nature and Protect the Earth,” he has developed over 2000 pings of land into a compound organic farm, including vegetable gardens, orchards, herbs, Chinese medicinal plants, fish ponds, ecological waterways, woods, grass, flower corridors and other landscapes. Through this diverse mix, the Farm grows nearly 300 different plants as well as cultivating a rich eco-system with various animals and plants.
Visitors can learn about various crops and plants in different seasons at the Farm under the owner’s personal introduction. Also learn how to make interesting art works with different plants, including collecting, printing and dyeing; leaf vein rubbing; potted plants, etc. In addition, the organic vegetables and fruits yielded in the Farm are the most popular healthy ingredients. Just make a reservation in advance, and you can make pickles, pick lotus seeds, make ailanthus prickly ash salt, and make roselle jam with the owner, enjoying the real taste of “from farm to table.”