Jinhan Persimmon Cakes Education Farm
No. 501, Sec. 1, Hankeng Rd., Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County

Introduction of the Spot

A Persimmon Workshop Passed Down from Generation to Generation for 70 Years

Founded in 1947, Jin Han Dried Persimmon is located at the dried persimmon pro area, Hankeng, Xinpu. Covering an area of 1.8 hectares, it yields more than 20 tons of dried persimmons annually. For more than 70 years, it has been developed from a farm growing persimmons and making dried persimmons to a park open for fruit picking, tourism and related experience activities. Jin Han Dried Persimmons, where a traditional environment is blended with a modern environment, not only represents the persimmon farmer culture passed down from generation to generation, but also enables visitors to deeply experience the processes involved in “one persimmon tree to a plate of dried persimmon” through interconnected activity design.
In the persimmon tree area, besides knowing the features of different kinds of persimmons, such as bull hearts, stone persimmon, Japanese persimmon kaki, etc., visitors can appreciate rare flowers and exotic plants along the trails of the Park and experience the fun of fruit picking. In addition, the best time to dry persimmons is from September to December every year during the September winds in Hsinchu. Coming to Jin Han during this period, visitors can watch persimmon processing at the ancient red-brick houses in the style of a traditional three-section compound; appreciate the spectacular scenery of orange persimmons glittering under the sun; have fun picking persimmons, soaking persimmons, and squeezing dried persimmons. Finally, if interested, visitors can learn persimmon dyeing with the owner and take home a beautiful masterpiece as the best souvenir in memory of “the persimmon fun.”