Sheipa Leisure Farm

Introduction of the Spot

A Mountain Wonderland with Hundreds of Beautiful Flowers, Kiwifruits, and Blueberries

Sheipa Leisure Farm, located at an altitude of 1,923 m and close to the Guanwu Recreation Area, is a time-honored leisure farm in Taiwan. The Founder Fan Zen-da used to work at the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, and has served as a Technical Representative of the BASF Pesticide Division and in the Marketing Division of Sinon Corporation. More than 20 years a, he resigned from a well-paid job and started a farming life in the mountains with his wife. During the initial eight years without water, electricity, and traffic connection, they could only light candles at night, manually carry the fruits they grew and transported down the mountain in a small truck. Such difficulties led many people to regard his decision as unrealistic and short term. However, Sheipa stands firm in the mountains with the tradition now being undertaken by a second generation.
Besides the paradise-like environment and modernized comfortable accommodation on the Farm, the most commendable are the beautiful flowers and trees in the garden as well as the high-quality blueberries and kiwifruits. As early as 1985 when kiwifruit was still a specialty imported fruit, Fan Zen-da successfully cultivated the first local kiwifruit. In 1989, he even successfully introduced and cultivated blueberry seedlings from Germany, once again setting a new record in Taiwan’s agricultural history.
Researching the latest agricultural technology abroad during slack season every year, Fan Zen-da grows a variety of flowers, plants, trees, vegetables and fruits on the Farm. Therefore, the Farm harvests a diverse range of produce and features different scenery throughout the four seasons: in January, plum blossoms; from February to April, all kinds of cherry blossoms bloom; in June, hydrangea blooms; from July to August, the Farm has a great harvest of blueberries and African lilies bloom; and kiwifruit is harvested in November. In addition, in the high mountain location, the sunrise, sunset, and sea of clouds are breathtaking. Visit Sheipa, and you will see the magnificent beauty of Taiwan’s leisure farms.

雪霸休閒農場海拔1,923公尺,鄰近雪霸國家公園 場域內種植各種花卉及水果,四季皆有不同風情 友善環境成長水果 雪霸休閒農場另一樣特產就是藍莓,七八月來此還可享受採藍莓的樂趣