Flying Cow Ranch
No. 166, Nanho Vil., Tongsiao, Miaoli County

Introduction of the Spot

An Animal Farm Where the Winds Blow and Cows and Sheep are Seen

Flying Cow Ranch, situated on the hill under Huoyenshan, was formerly the Central Youth Dairy Farm established in 1975 by the youth returning to Taiwan after receiving training in the U.S. After more than 40 years, only 2 among the 17 youths at that time have continued to adhere to their original ideals. In the past, the ranch focused only on livestock production, and now it has become a famous tourist attraction in Central Taiwan after incorporating rich leisure elements. The Ranch is not only the top choice for family trips but it is in the pocket list of school field trips and company trips.
Standing at the lush green fields of the Ranch, low-rise red and white houses and herds of cattle strolling can be seen. The Jersey and Holstein cows raised here are the two major sources for the dairy farming in Taiwan both in quality and quantity. Therefore, besides the excellent vision and accommodation, Flying Cow Ranch also provides a variety of specialties made of fresh milk, including puddings, yogurt, ice cream, panna cotta, etc. These are the local must-try best sellers. The meals served in the restaurant are also rural ranch cuisine prepared with fresh milk and other fresh ingredients. In addition, visitors to the Ranch shall never miss the rare chance to feed calves by hand and experience milking the cows. Give yourself a trip to a ranch filled with natural wilderness.