Xiang He Leisure Fish Farm

Introduction of the Spot

A Pirate Village with a Rich Wetland Ecosystem and Diverse Fishery

Xianghe Leisure Fishing Farm, situated in Aogu Wetlands Forest Park, was originally a traditional fishing farm culturing clams and with a river connecting the Liujiao Drain at the south side and adjacent to the Aogu Wetlands and flood storage ponds. Therefore, after “returning home for fishing,” Cai ng-he, who has woodworking skills, switched to cultivation of milk fish, tilapia, giant tiger prawns, clams, and winkles in the fish pond for the food chain ecosystem under the natural farming method of “low carbon and low electricity” in order to protect the ecosystem and maintain safe fishing. He also grows mangroves and yellow dots and other salt and wind resistant plants for the purpose of earth embankment, which attracts a large number of insects and birds that help form a rich natural ecosystem.
Since 2011, the Fish Farm has been built under the theme of “pirate village” with the association of the interesting legend of Cai Qian, a pirate in the Qing Dynasty. With guided tours, fishing experience, environmental education, and other related activities, both children and adults visiting Cai Qian Pirate Village (namely, the Fish Farm) can deeply experience the rich fishing village tour through the exquisitely designed activities by the owner, such as boat rowing, seaweed harvesting, fishing, clam digging, oyster roasting, etc.

向禾擁有豐富的生態和棲地型態生態環境 場域提供體驗的項目非常多樣,烤蚵、摸文蛤、釣魚等… 現烤文蛤體驗 海菜周邊商品