Wisdom Health Leisure Farm
No. 152-23, Sanjiepu, Shuishang Township, Chiayi County

Introduction of the Spot

Organic Vegetables, Fruits and Medicinal Herb Farm in the Ancient Cultural and Historical City of Southern Taiwan

Great Wisdom Leisure Farm, located in Sanjiepu, the Treasure City in Taiwan, mainly focuses on organic agriculture. The Farm grows more than 50 kinds of vegetables and fruits and over 200 types of herbs, in rich plant ecology. The flowers, plants, trees, vegetables and herbs on the Farm are all planted and taken care of by the members on their own. The beautiful “eco-friendly ecological pond” filled with lotuses and aquatic plants are built with recycled wood, tarp, and stones. In addition, the main buildings of the Farm are all ingeniously painted container houses in vivid styles.
Under the theme of diversification, the Farm develops various activities combined with environmental education, food and farming, low-carbon food, processed produce, DIY and local cultural and historic sites, etc. Here, you can ecological exploring, learn about organic crops, try farming activities such as transplanting, rice harvesting, sweet corn planting, and onion picking as part of a guided tour. Also, you can join in environmental education DIY activities such as herbal mosquito repellent, rice stalk dolls, organic seedling cultivation as well as organic produce DIY activities, including pickled roselles, sweet potato balls, rice egg rolls, etc. Moreover, visitors can see a hundred-year-old tobacco kiln, man trees, an ancient cypress house, a Hakka settlement, and other classic sites near Sanjiepu under a guided tour and enjoy a historical and cultural tour.