Fairy Lake Leisure Farm
No. 6-2, Dayang,Nanshili, Dongshan Dist., Tainan City

Introduction of the Spot

A Farm Helping One Another and the Fragrance of Longans and Coffee

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is situated on an independent peak among Kantoushan, which is part of the Alishan Range. At 277 m in altitude, the Farm enjoys excellent views, overlooking Jianan Plain and the panoramic view of the local settlement basin. Every year from November to May of the next year, as long as the temperature drops, the valley is surrounded by mist, revealing only the peak of the Farm as if an isolated island standing in a lake. This is the origin of the dream name “Fairy Lake.”
As early as 200 years a, the ancestors built houses, opened up fields, made coals, and baked longans with the resources of the forest under the spirit of “mutual help.” The owner of the Farm, the Wu Family have lived there for six generations and have not only farmed for generations, but also plant all kinds of fruits and vegetables on the 52-hectare farm. Besides the skills of longan baking having been passed down for two hundred years, by continuously holding impressive farming experience activities, the Farm actively shares the nature and beauty of “farming life” with everyone.
使用手工採摘 一顆顆將暗紅的咖啡豆