Wuhxiu Leisure Farm
No. 35-66, Tiantou Ln., Zhulin Vil., Lugu Township, Nantou County

Introduction of the Spot

House of Moso Bamboo Charcoal

The owner of Xu Xiu Leisure Farm, Lin Sheng-wu is a famous tea farmer in Lugu. In addition to owning the exclusive tea garden, he also owns a nearly 10 hectare area of Moso bamboo. In recent years, the vernment has virously promoted agricultural reformation culture. Through the assistance from related facilities and cooperation with the R&D group of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, the Farm successfully produces high quality Moso bamboo charcoal burned using “improved traditional kilns” using continuously advancing kilning techniques. The charcoal has become a representative product of the Farm.
The Farm combines the natural landscape, ecological environment and bamboo industry culture to provide the “bamboo and bamboo charcoal experience” activities. Besides visiting the artificial kilns, visitors can appreciate the beauty of bamboo, gain an understanding of bamboo resources, the process of kilning bamboo into charcoal, and the purposes of bamboo charcoal and its products through educational introduction. The types of products made from bamboo charcoal are diverse and eye-opening, including Moso bamboo charcoal pieces and bamboo charcoal packs for dehumidification and deodorization; bamboo vinegar for sterilization as well as food made of bamboo charcoal, such as bamboo charcoal peanuts, bamboo charcoal bean curd; living ods such as bamboo charcoal socks, bamboo charcoal underwear, bamboo charcoal knee pads; bamboo charcoal tea sets and tableware, etc. If interested, visited can also join in the fun DIY activities such as bamboo charms, bamboo charcoal painting, bamboo lanterns, etc. to deeply experience the diverse applications and aesthetics of from bamboo to charcoal.”