Jiou Pin Lotus Ecological Education Farm
No. 109-1, Linfengying, Liujia Dist., Tainan City

Introduction of the Spot

Experience the Colorful Life of Beautiful Lotuses in All Aspects

Located in Linfengying, Liujia in Tainan City, Jioupin Lotus Education Park has researched water lilies for more than 30 years since 1988. The founder Lin Zhen-gu upholds the concept of “natural and healthy,” from the first-level to the fifth-level industry, and has even won the Shennong Award. Currently, the founder cultivates up to a 6-hectare area of water lilies. Besides insisting on growing water lilies in “natural ecological ponds,” the Farm offers “free access” for the general public to visit. For many years, the Farm has not only built its own brand, processing and producing lotus tea, handmade soap, skin care products, perfume and other diverse products, but it also designs a variety of related experience activities, including sitting on the leaves of giant waterlilies, water lily oil paintings, water lily hot pot, skin care products made with water lily extract, etc. In addition, the Farm also sells honey, rice, and flamin lillies in Liujia and lotus related products in Baihe, such as lotus root powder, lotus seeds, etc. Visitors can gain a deep understanding of the history, culture, natural ecology and diverse application of the water lily and lotus plants.