Xiao Chong’s Orchard
No. 55, Zhongzheng Rd., Yujing Dist., Tainan City

Introduction of the Spot

Home to Fragrant Manes and Sweet Lychees

Xiaocong’s Orchard is located in the hometown of manes, Yujin, Tainan. The owner “Xiaocong” Li Yu-cong reclaimed the land and has planted Aiwen manes since 2007. Grown from seedlings, the man trees start to fruit from the third year. The major al is to export the manes to Japan. In order to grow manes that “people can eat safely,” Xiaocong insists on grass cultivation, which is earth-friendly and pesticide free. Besides undering pesticide residue inspections every year, the manes are certified with traceability. Under the spirit of “taking care of the fruit trees like his own child and creating fruit like an artwork,” even the Speaker of Gunma, Japan was attracted and specifically led a group to visit the Orchard.
Since 2013, to “share with more people the simplicity and LOHAS of a rural village and the happiness of harvesting in farming,” Xiaocong decided to turn traditional agriculture into a leisure orchard and additionally grow “red ball” lychees. Now from the May to July season every year, the Orchard is open to visitors for man and lychee picking as well as providing professionally guided tours, fruit tree adaptation, handmade man jam and other activities. Both adults and children visiting Xiaocong’s Orchard gain a deep understanding of the stories regarding the production of high quality fruits in Taiwan.