Hom Chi Organic Leisure Farm
Rice Fruit
No. 330, Chanye Rd., Taishan Vil., Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County

Introduction of the Spot

An Excellent Farm in Rice-Duck Farming and Producing Sweet Pineapples

T Hongqi Organic Leisure Farm, located in the Gaoshu Water Source Quality and Volume Protection Area in Pingtung occupies an area of up to 15 hectares. The owner of the Farm, Xu Tian-lai is devoted to organic agriculture after retiring from the education field. Besides carrying out “rice-duck farming” with unpolluted mountain spring water and certified fertile soil, he produces rice-duck organic rice and cultivates pineapples under the assistance of the Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch. For many years, he has produced a variety of pineapples in different seasons and successfully extends the pineapple production period of the Farm to year-round harvest. The quality of pineapples produced by the Farm is well recognized by the market.
o promote organic farming, Xu Tian-lai, honorably named by others in the same industry as Teacher Pineapple, transformed the original production-oriented farm into a leisure farm. The Farm is open to visitors for guided tours on organic agriculture as well as production experience activities such as transplanting, weeding, pineapple picking, etc. It also provides processing activities, including rice milling, mochi making, handmade pineapple and fermented soybean sauce, etc. Both adults and children can gain an appreciation for the new concept of the Farm “eat healthily and live in hope.”