Ming Chuan Ecological Leisure Farm
No. 114-6, Majia, Majia Township, Pingtung County

Introduction of the Spot

A Pineapple Family Recognized by the Shennong Award

Ming Quan, situated at the foot of Dawushan in Pingtung, is a “pineapple family” that has passed down the tradition for three generations. The family has grown pineapples for more than half a century, and the second-generation owner Wu Mu-quan received the Shennong Award. With the superb quality of their pineapples, they became one of the first representative farmers exporting pineapples from Taiwan to Japan. The third-generation successor Wu Jian-ming, having grown up around great pineapple farmers, not only has solid experience in farming, but also majored in agricultural management in college. After taking over the family business, he works together with his wife Xie Mei-lian at the more than 20-hectare organic pineapple field to establish a new vision of a leisure farm jointly “emphasizing the coexistence of ecology, life and living beings.”
With the belief that “a field is a production place for food as well as a habitat for animals,” every aspect of Ming Quan is meticulously planned, demonstrating the owner’s attachment and hope to the land. The stone brick wall at the entrance features a “farm emblem” composed of four endemic animal totems (Taipei grass frog, collared scops owl, lden birdwing, Geothelphusa Pingtung). The Farm has a well-organized orchard area, garden area, aquatic plants and ecological pond area as well as a “great pineapple” on the grass woven by bamboo in combination with local husks, lime and hemp fibers, etc. using traditional methods. Therefore, visitors to this Farm can get close to nature, experience farming, and taste a variety of fresh and delicious pineapple products, as well as learn more about the “traditional yet modern” leisure farm through their guided tours, and understand the true meaning and beauty of “returning life to nature; helping life return to simplicity; bringing the taste buds back to reality.”