Angel Garden Leisure Farm
No. 99, Ln. 120, Fu’an Rd., Fengming Vil., Zhutian Township, Pingtung County

Introduction of the Spot

Happiness Manufacturing Institute with Beautiful Orchids

Established in 2015, Angel Garden is the first leisure farm in Taiwan with the theme of “orchids.” It was formerly Zhutian Dancing-Doll Orchid Farm, which was famous for orchid production. The first-generation owner Chen Wen-qin started orchid cultivation by renting a piece of land less than 0.5 hectare more than 20 years a. Originally focusing on exporting dancing-doll orchids, the Farm has cultivated up to 3.5 hectares of flowers until today and expanded the single flower species dancing-doll orchids to vanda, ascda, as well as Renanthera Philippinensis introduced from Thailand. It has become the most representative orchid export region in Southern Taiwan.
After the second-generation owner returned home and inherited his father’s business, he took advantage of local flowers and produce in combination with floral aesthetics and creativity in spatial architecture, and transformed the originally production-oriented farm into a leisure farm. Under the name “Angel Garden Leisure Farm,” the farm not only serves as an educational and recreational place to “know the ecology of orchids, appreciate the beauty of orchids and create orchid art” but is also an extremely chic garden restaurant for friends and families to gather together, parties, as well as special festivals and celebrations, and wedding banquets. In this European rural style leisure farm, visitors can experience a very different “feast of orchids.”