Fairy Story Ecological Farm
No. 300 , Meihua Rd, Guangxing Vil., Dongshan Township, Yilan County

Introduction of the Spot

An Organic Mulberry Farm Rich with Farming Fun

Honored as a “Top One Hundred Hospitable B&B” and certified as an “Eco-friendly Inn,” Fairy Story Village Leisure Farm B&B is not only an excellent quality B&B, but is also a small organic farm with rich produce. The mulberry and rice fields cover an area of up to 1 hectare. Different rural views can be enjoyed though the four seasons and there are a range of diverse farming activities for visitors to try. Besides providing “a trip to the production, life, and ecology of mulberries,” an experience activity ranked second in Taiwan by the Council of Agriculture, the Farm harvests strawberries and cherry tomatoes, logans and rice in summer, fusia roselle in autumn, and rape flowers, spring onions, garlic and kumquats in winter. In addition, with the emphasis on nature and conservation, a brilliant ecology of fireflies and Japanese rhinoceros beetles can be seen and activities such as digging clams and catching mosquitofish in the water is fun
The owner indicates that the name of the Farm implies his expectations for the Farm: “Fairy” suggests a place for children to have fun; “Story” means a place for adults to chat together; “Village” points out the hope for people to visit and create a small village-like atmosphere at the Farm. Do you yearn for the rural life? You might as well visit “Fairy Story Village” and feel the Farm by getting close to the earth and releasing the pressures of daily life.