Chishang Farmers’Association Tourism Factory
No. 85-6, Xinxing Rd., Neighborhood 7, Chishang Township, Taitung County

Introduction of the Spot

The Most Beautiful Rice Tourism Factory in Taiwan

Chishang, a famous hometown of rice in Taiwan, has won the championship of rice quality competition in Taiwan. Located at the highest spot in East Rift Valley with an average altitude of 300 meters, Chishang experiences large temperature differences between day and night, and the area is relatively free from insects. In addition, the average yearly temperature is about 21?C and with abundant rain and without industrial waste water or heavy metal pollution, Chishang is extremely suitable for growing rice. lden Harvest Factory is a rice tourism factory established in 2011 by the Shishang Township Farmers’ Association. Besides being a large sprawling area with a beautiful environment, the Factory contains a “historical relics area” exhibiting many agricultural tools from the early days of farming. Also, the Factory provides rice milling and processing, rice DIY, and farming experience activities. Just make a reservation in advance, and you can have a omplete understanding of “the life of rice” under a professional guided tour. Moreover, all kinds of Chishang rice and delicious specialties made of rice can be purchased in “Daolang Shop” (Rice Shop). Mama Tian Healthy Restaurant emphasizes traceable ingredients and serves delicious rural meals. It is an excellent choice for to enjoy the taste of wonderful food made by the mothers of a rural village.