Jia Fang Organic Tea Farm
No. 342-1, Binlang Rd., Binlang Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County

Introduction of the Spot

A Beautiful Tea Farm Continuously Making Changes and Innovations

Close by Chu Lu Ranch, Jia Fang Organic Tea Garden started growing tea as early as 1979. In 2004, impacted by the tea import policy, the sales volume of low altitude tea sharply decreased. Under the insistence of the second-generation daughter-in-law Chen Li-xue, the Farm transformed from traditional tea farming to organic tea. After managing to pass the difficult phase of being without harvest for two years and when “the tea trees looked lifeless and sickly,” Jia Fang was transformed and successfully grew indigenous Taiwan Chin Shin Dapang. After continuously changing to new and different species, the natural ecology of the tea garden was slowly formed. Tea jassids, spiders, mantis, ladybugs, and other helpful insects are in abundance everywhere.
In 2010, Chen Li-xue turned the Wu-jia organic tea garden into an experience area for tourists to experience tea picking and observe tea ecology. She kept introducing new ideas and planning many tea DIY activities, including green tea juice blending, tea drink making, tea egg roll baking, green tea bag making, etc. The adults and children visiting will immerse themselves in the “enchanting fragrance of tea” and gain a deep understanding of the beauty of “taking a leisurely trip to the tea garden.”