Shangrila Leisure Farm

Introduction of the Spot

A Mountain Farm Where You Can Return to Nature and Feel the Land

Shangrila Leisure Farm, located upstream of Dongshan River in the Zhongshan Leisure Agricultural Area at an altitude of 250 m. With an annual temperature of 25?C, the climate is comfortable and the scenery is enchanting. It is not only the first tourism orchard in Taiwan but also the first leisure farm in Taiwan. The founder, Zheng Qing-laio, has devoted himself to promoting agricultural leisure and tourism all his life and is known as “the father of leisure farms in Taiwan.”
The 17-hectare farm mainly focuses on “ecological education,” “folk culture,” and “leisure and health.” Besides planting massive quantities of vegetables and fruits, the Farm contains rich ecology. In combination with forest trails and elegant cypress architecture, the Farm presents a strong rural inn aesthetic.
Visitors can stroll through the wild forest and enjoy the changeable views with the four seasons. Also, return to the carefree rural life and relax by joining in seasonal fruit and vegetable picking, as well as making tangyuan, releasing sky lanterns and other interesting traditional experience activities. Later, stay overnight at the cabin built in the mountains, sleeping with stars in the sky. You will look forward to seeing the beautiful mountain covered with greenery when the sun shines in the window at dawn, feel satisfactorily healed and take a break by immersing yourself in nature.

香格里拉位於宜蘭冬山鄉的大元山上,擁有絕佳的視野 隨著四季變化的植物蔬菜 從產地到餐桌-蔬菜捲 農場四季有不同蔬果等您來摘採