Wangshan Leisure Farm
Vegetable Bee
No. 106-11, Xinnan Road, Xinnan Vil., Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County

Introduction of the Spot

A Colorful Pumpkin Patch with Hundreds of Bees Making Honey

Wangshan Leisure Farm, established in 1984, was originally Wangshan Cantaloupe and Pumpkin Tourism Orchard. The founder, Lin Wang-shan returned to his hometown for farming. Due to the geographical environment and special soil, he decided to grow pumpkins and cantaloupes. By attracting tourists with his “pumpkin tunnel,” he marketed his own products and successfully mobilized the local agriculture. In 1998, under the suggestion of experts and scholars and in order to initiate innovation and change, the Farm was transformed into a leisure farm in 2001. By enhancing service levels through industrial upgrading, he overcame the original seasonal production problem and harvested in all four seasons on the farm, formally developing the farm into a year-round leisure tourism industry.
At the Farm, you will find yourself surrounded with a local agricultural atmosphere. To prevent the ecology from being ruined and maintain the original look of agriculture, the Farm is not built with concrete and is equipped with simple traditional agricultural facilities. Under professional guided tours, besides learning about the diverse pumpkin species and their growth habits, you can actually experience a “day in the life of a pumpkin farmer” by ing to the patch, choosing and picking pumpkins and doing other farming activities. Also, the guided tour on special bee keeping is quite eye-opening. You can further understand the interdependent relationship between pumpkins and bees. By fully integrating environmental education, life skills, rural culture, pumpkin ecology, and other knowledge into the rich experience, visitors can learn and grow happily while freely experiencing nature. This is the secret to why Wangshan is so enchanting.