Meihua Lake Leisure Farm
No.62, Huanhu Rd., Dean Vil., Dongshan Township, Yilan County

Introduction of the Spot

A Rural Farm with Rich Ecology and Diverse Activities

Meihua Lake Leisure Farm, covering an area of more than 10,000 pings, was originally a brick kiln factory during the Japanese Colonial Period, providing construction materials for Northern Taiwan buildings by burning clay produced around Meihua Lake into red bricks. Later, when electricity rates increased, it became difficult to obtain clay and so the Farm was turned into a mallard farm by taking advantage of the local rainy climate and abundant underground water. Later, the Farm cooperated with a GMP pharmaceutical factory to grow moringa trees, and finally became a leisure farm, growing organic vegetables and tangerines. Nowadays, the Farm also provides modernized European style guest rooms with a cypress theme. Besides preserving diverse architectural styles, the Farm insists on maintaining a friendly environment and actively promotes rural life. It is an excellent choice to experience rural life and learn about food and farming.
The Farm contains cute animals, a mallard pond, rich insect ecology, as well as organic vegetable and fruit gardens, a kang yao area, BBQ area, camping site, etc. for all kinds of experience activities. In recent years, the Farm has worked on the research and development of rice and promoted “rural kitchen” activities. It is hoped that under the principle of “eating seasonal and local food,” visitors can understand rural culinary aesthetics “from vegetable garden to table” and further feel the “simple but rich” heartbeat given by nature.