Han She Tea House
No. 6, Ln. 40, Sec. 3, Zhinan Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City

Introduction of the Spot

Organic Tea House in Maokong Passed Down for Six Generations
Hanshe Tea House, situated at 300-400m in altitude in the famous tourist attraction Maokong, Taipei. Surrounded by mountains and trees, the tea house is filled with the fragrance of tea. The owner Zhang Fu-qin is a local whose family has grown tea from generation to generation. As the sixth-generation tea farmer, although he knows that it is a traditional farming method to spray pesticides, as he has been deeply affected for a long time and his health condition is jeopardized, as early as 20 years a, he insisted on toxic-free farming. He grows tea without spraying pesticides and by repelling bugs rather than killing them because of his care about ecology and his hope to leave descendants clean land. Visitors to Hanshe Tea House, under the introduction of tourism and leisure ideas can brew tea, appreciate beautiful scenery and enjoy vegetarian meals provided by Mr. Zhang, a long-term vegetarian. Visitors can also visit the tea garden and try tea making, tea sealing, and tea ceremonies in person. In addition, the Tea House also sells Tieguanyin, Jin Xuan, Paochong and other tea produced by the tea house, which are tasteful and safe local specialties.