Jaifu Garden
68 meters forward,No. 68, Zhuzihu Rd., Taipei City

Introduction of the Spot

The Mountain Flower Farmer Presenting the Beauty of Production, Life, Ecology and Living Beings

Cai Fu Calla Lily Farm is located near Bamboo Lake, Yangmingshan, where the Japanese tried growing “Nakamura” rice introduced from Kyushu during the Japanese Colonial Period. After the Taiwan retrocession, the Nationalist vernment took over Taiwan. The first-generation owner Lu Cai-fu, who was amidst the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, returned home to resume farming and started growing alpine vegetables under the assistance of the Farmers’ Association and focused on the production of cabbage. Later, due to the limitation in planting area, the production volume could not increase, and so he started to transform the Farm into quality agriculture and grew mainly ornamental flowers, azaleas, American camellias, hydrangeas, and calla lilies, etc. After the second-generation owners, Mr. and Mrs. Lu Zhi-ming took over, they introduced the ideas of leisure agriculture and opened the Farm to visitors to pick calla lilies. The third-generation owners Lu Pin-fang and Lu Bo-kuang added a fusion restaurant and promoted ecological trips, rural weaving, floral art, and other farming activities. Besides appreciating flowers, visitors can genuinely feel the beauty of the mountain flower farmer’s “production, life, ecology, and living beings” through the immersion experience.