Fule Leisure Fishing Vil.
No. 86, Aly. 65, Ln. 155, Sec. 5, Fenggang Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County

Introduction of the Spot

A Fun and Interesting Place to Eat and Play at the Black Mullet Farm

Fule Leisure Fish Farm is famous for black mullet cultivation. The cultivation ponds of the Farm occupy up to 2 hectares. Besides fish, the Farm also cultivates multiple kinds of small whiteleg shrimps. The owner of the Farm, Guo ng-bao had served as a mullet roe production and marketing group leader for years and won the Shennong Award. In recent years, incorporating with Mama Tian Restaurant and his own extensive production and marketing group experience, he actively promotes food and farming education, attracting many domestic and international groups to visit.
At the Farm, besides tasting a variety of signature dishes with fresh black mullet as the main ingredient, the chance to learn about the ecology of black mullets through professional guided tours is not to be missed. Also, by joining rich experience activities, visitors can gain a deep appreciation for the process of “from fish pond to table,” including black mullet feeding, catching fish with nets, mullet roe washing, mullet roe drying, etc. Each activity is very impressive and fun for both adults and children.
Moreover, after “experiencing the life of a fisherman,” mullet floss, spicy mullet sauce, mullet roe pastry and other specialties developed by the Fish Farm are available for purchase. They not only represent local characteristics but are fresh and delicious, suitable for one’s own use and as a gift.